Passionate and making progress everyday

I'm a 25 years old young and energetic guy filled with positivity. I'm a web developer, IoT/ AI Enthusiast, Creative writer, Branding consultant, Entrepreneur, Yoga & Fitness Trainer, YouTuber, Writer, Extreme reader, Traveller, Tutor, Volunteer, and freelancer.

Web Development

I started my career as a web designer then became the developer. I love this job as this is one of the professions I've been involving from last 5 years. I do have strong knowledge of web design and development. I use all the advanced web technologies to give the outstanding web applications. To know more about my web development works, please click the button.

IoT / AI

To be honest, I'm not attracted by so-called the "Buzzwords". It's been my childhood dream to become an innovative inventor. I just used this IoT as a great opportunity to transform my dreams into reality I've worked in IoT for the last one year. To know more about what I'm doing in IoT, please click below button.


Who doesn't like to have their own business? Fortunately, I got some amazing business model and I converted my ideas into the startups. I have a few successful online and offline business. To know more about my entrepreneurship, please click the button.


VIoT Labs - What is VIoT Labs? VIoT Labs is a Virtual IoT Lab / Maker space, where peoples can work together by sharing their electronic components and software knowledge. It is free and open for all. Anyone can register and make use of it. I planning to expand this across the globe. Right now people from Indonesia, China, Srilanka, Africa, etc... approching us to use VIoT Labs in their countries.


IoT For All - It is an open community to learn & grow your IoT knowledge as a community. We conduct HackDay twice per month(alternate Sundays). HackDay is a fun full 3 hours session exclusively for IoT enthusiast, where all the talented minds in your city will gather. Choose one day today problem around us. Form the teams. Try to find out the solution for the taken task with your team members.

Branding & Creative writing

I love this job very much. Because it is enjoyable & fun. I've helped many international companies in branding and creative writing. It involves out of box thinking, creativity, different perspectives, alternate thinking, etc. To know more about my works, please click the button


ALERT is a volunteer driven NGO, that empowers a common man in case of an emergency to ensure ‘Right to Life’ a reality in India! It offers the First-aid Training to the common peoples. I've been actively volunteering in Alert for saving lives.